Chain of Alliance

Chain of Alliance – Patch 0.1.2
This blog post summarizes the changes to Chain of Alliance that came with patch 0.1.2

Published: 16.06.2020 · Reading time: 3 min

Today we can announce the release of patch 0.1.2. First things first, we need you to re-download the game. Our old patcher unfortunately had a problem, which forced us to switch. After extensive testing, we are certain that we can push updates through the patcher now. If you encounter any problems, please fill out this form.

Since we are already on the topic of this form and your great feedback, we are grateful for everyone who participated. Of course, we took everything you suggested and reported to heart and implemented it. Let me get into the specifics of these changes.


A huge portions of problems with the game browser and lobbies have been fixed. They should now be more reliable and show the correct information. Since Chain of Alliance uses a peer-to-peer network for real-time communication, player that are not able to establish a connection cannot see player actions and chat. To make it more clear if you are behind a firewall that disables these features, you will be displayed a warning in the lobby. All in all, the peer-to-peer networks should be more resilient now.

In case a player had a sudden connection loss and wants to continue the game, he has now the possibility with our rejoin function. This allows a player to rejoin until the next “wait for player” phase (more info here) is over. Please note that it does not work if you purposefully left the game.

The game summary for each player is now accessible through their profile. This only works for matches played after this patch, though.

Some player had a problem with the resolution, which made it impossible to see the button to create an account. We have now added an option to toggle fullscreen mode and means to prevent this. Should this still happen, please click ALT+ENTER to fullscreen the window.

Companion and readability

Your companion’s “size” stat is now used correctly. So watch out for some big wisps walking around. Regarding the companion, a big issue was the readability of both, the name and health. The same problem applied to the champion’s stat box. For now, we have improved readability and clearness of this information, as well as added a tooltip for the stat names.

Another trigger of confusion was when two players with the same companion color were fighting against each other, since the color is also applied to the champions healthbars. If such a match up happens, the color of the visiting companion will be inverted.


In order to increase the fun of playing with an incomplete lobby or exercising by yourself, we have upped the bots capabilities. They are more picky in what they buy – regarding both, champions and experience – and now correctly place their champions on the gamefield.

That’s it for now. Our next objective is to gradually roll out champion skills, alliances and items.

See you on the battlefield!