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This is blog post will give you an insight on what to expect here.

Published: 20.02.2020 · Reading time: 2 min

Hello World!

Let me first introduce us. We are the developer of Chain of Alliance, an auto battler game which runs completely on blockchain. The game runs on the Postchain platform developed by Chromia and is totally decentralized.

  • There are no central servers.

  • Balancing is done by the players.

  • Players can earn money while playing.

Since we are one of the first to develop such a game, we have a lot of information to share!


Game Development

Chain of Alliance entered its alpha state in January 12th 2020. We are constantly improving our game in performance and playability. This platform will contain all the updates and the changelog we will release over the time.


Besides developing Chain of Alliance, we are also contributing with open-source solutions to the Postchain platform. The in C# translated Postchain Client is with, at the date of writing, far over 600 downloads the most used contribution.

There are already more open-source projects in the works at the moment. If you want to be notified about them first, make sure to follow us on Twitter!


How do I implement a game that utilizes Postchain? How can I produce “randomness” in a deterministic system? How do I implement a time triggered state machine for my round based game?

Developing on a blockchain platform can be tricky. Even though Chromia offers an intuitive documentation for their platform, you can still encounter problems that aren’t so trivial to solve. In this blog we will try to lay down everything we learned down the road. That way, you don’t have to repeat what we did.

That’s it for now!

  • Dennis