Chain of Alliance

How To Play
A quick summary on what buttons to click.

Published: 22.05.2020 · Reading time: 5 min

Some of you have played auto battlers, some of you have not. This tutorial shows where to look and what to do when playing Chain of Alliance.


Once you have launched the client, you can open the lobby browser by clicking Play (1). There you can either create a new lobby (2), or join an existing one (3). By clicking refresh (4), you will get the new lobbies (two second cool down). Chain of Alliance is free to play. You do not need tokens to create or join a lobby. The tokens you have are purely for the marketplace to trade.


In a lobby, you can chat (1), indicate you are ready (2), admire each other’s companions (3) and the host can start the game (4). Note that you do not have to mark that you are ready to start the game, it is just an indicator for the host. If you are less than eight players, the game will be filled up with bots.



> Player Info

This section gives a brief overview of the player. The search bar on the right (1) lets you search for other players by name.

> Companion Preview

When you are on your own profile, you may customize your companion (2). On other profiles, the currently equipped companion of the player is shown (3).



The marketplace is separated in two sections. The Shop contains items distributed by the Chain of Alliance team, as well as lootboxes. The Community page lists all assets that are sold by the community.

> Shop

The lootbox (1) can be bought by Diamonds (2), which is non-tradable currency you receive after games. They contain limited assets which have different drop rates (3).

Limited assets can, as the name suggests, only be used a limited amount of times. Each game played counts as one usage. A limited asset can be activated, i.e. made permanent, by paying CoA tokens (4). That can also be done once all usages are used up. They cannot be traded, though. To activate assets, navigate to the Community page (5).

Other, fully activated, assets can be bought there as well. They sometimes get added to buy with CoA tokens, so always keep an eye on it.


> Community

Players can trade their activated assets here. Create a listing (1) by selecting the asset you want to sell and enter a price. At the beginning, the marketplace fee will be deactivated.

The tabs on this page lets you filter the assets by category. The last two categories are different, though. My Listings (2) list all assets you have listed in the marketplace. Inactivated (3) shows all assets you have, that are not activated, yet. If you wish, you can activate them there.



The game is round based, with each round having multiple phases. There is no limit to the amount of rounds. Each player starts with 100 health. A game is over when one player remains or only bots are left alive.


  1. Chatbox for ingame communication.
  2. Gold count.
  3. Game info, with the current round, phase and the remaining time of the phase.
  4. Amount of characters on the gamefield / amount of characters that can be put on the gamefield.
  5. Player overview, containing information about health and expierence of each player. If a sword is displayed over the icon, there is currently on fight on their gamefield. A skull indicates that they have been defeated. Clicking on a player will show you their gamefield. The color is based on their companion color, which is also visible in that player’s characters healthbars.
  6. Damage overview, displaying the damage done by your characters.
  7. Current offer. Right click shows you the stats of the offered character.
  8. Offer reroll. Gives you a new offer for two gold.
  9. Buy experience. Adds four experience for four gold.
  10. Own companion. Shows your level, health and experience points.
  11. Enemy companion.



The game is split in four phases per round:

  1. Wait for Players
  2. Preparing
  3. Pre Fight
  4. Fighting

Wait for Players

This phase is usually short. It is used to synchronize all players and see if anyone got disconnected. If a player has not replied in 60 seconds, he will be removed from the game. This all happens automatically, though, so you do not need to do anything.


The strategic phase. At the beginning of the phase you earn gold based on different factors. With that, you can buy characters out of the six offered to you, experience and/or a new character offer.

The gold you use are neither CoA tokens nor Diamonds, just plain gold that is only used during one game.

Should you buy three of the same kind, you character ranks up. This gives your character an attack and health boost. The max rank your character can be is three (gold).

If you want to check the character’s stats before you buy them, you can left click the offer. There it shows its main stats, as well as its name.

In case you do not need a character anymore, you can drag it over the sell area, which replaces the buy experience/reroll buttons. You will always get the amount of gold refunded that you payed for that character.

You also have to set up your characters during this phase. The amount of characters you are allowed to put on your gamefield is limited by your companion’s level.

Pre Fight

You can neither buy, move nor sell your characters during this phase. It is used to find your opponent and move either them or you to the gamefield that you will fight on.


The main phase. You battle your opponent (either player or monsters) until one of you has defeated all characters or 30 seconds are up.

You can buy, sell and move characters, but only on your restfield.

At the end of the fight, the remaining character’s damage the opposing player. The damage depends on the round number, amount of characters and their respective rank.

In case the 30 seconds are up and you draw, both of you will receive the respective damage.

End Rewards

  1. Your placement.
  2. The level you finished the game with.
  3. The playtime. Note that you are only eligible for rewards if you have played at least five minutes.
  4. Gained rewards.
  5. Gained expierence.
  6. The final team you have had on your gamefield.