Chain of Alliance

Chain of Alliance Open Test Release
You can finally play again!

Published: 22.05.2020 · Reading time: 3 min

Dear Testers,

Today we will have released the open test version of Chain of Alliance! It has been quite some time since our first testers have seen the game. For most of you it will be the first time playing it. This post will summarize what we want to test and where we stand.

Testing Chain of Alliance is unique in a way. Other games have their game logic still centralized and use manifested frameworks and tools. Since our whole logic is deployed on a blockchain — which in itself is still in development — we have new problems to overcome. That implies we cannot refer to other projects work, since we are one of the first to do so. The bottom line is, we take things slowly 😄

What do we test?

In our first testing phase (which started in January), we were evaluating if this project can work at all, even at the smallest scale. For that, we gave the game to the testing group of Chromia. We want to thank them again for their time and great feedback. Concluding, there was a huge bottleneck that would have caused the game to not work, if we tested it in a greater scale.

Now, with that problem fixed, our main goal is to test the scalability. Therefore, this testing phase is open for everyone. In order for our new solution to work, we have implemented a whole new set of utilities and restructured our game logic. Our biggest test subject are these components.

In other words, this is a technical release and does not resemble the finished game. Testers from the previous phase may miss:

  • Character skills
  • Synergies
  • Items
  • Our governance system.

We hold these and more features back to test their impact on performance in a greater scale and also our ability to patch new content. So don’t worry, they will come back.

How can you play?

The Chain of Alliance client can be found here. With our patcher, you will receive all future updates immediately. For now, you will only find a Windows and Linux version. Unfortunately, we are not able to test on a macOS machine, yet. Therefore, we have excluded that build opposed to our last testing phase. Our current builds are tested with Windows 10 and Ubuntu 19.x.

Since we are releasing on a test network, the progress will not transfer once we migrate to the main network. Even during while we are running on our test network, you may lose you progress at some point. But be assured that we keep track of everyone’s impact on this testing phase 😉

While you play, you maybe encounter a bug or have feedback on specifics aspects of the game. To inform us about that, please use this form.

Concluding, we hope you enjoy this game and tell your friends! If you need support or want to chat, feel free to join us in our Telegram group and follow us on Twitter.

And now let‘s bring it on! Have fun playing Chain of Alliance.

Best regards,
Simon & Dennis